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Thursday, June 7, 2012

So I did it

and suffered in the doing, but I forced myself to watch the commercials during Al the Racebaiter's program.  During the process I was unfortunately unable to completely avoid the actual show and I can't imagine what MSNBC was thinking.  I may not agree with much of anything they broadcast, but they are at least supposed to be professional in their communist pushing hate mongering.  That program could easily have been intellectually improved by having a discussion of the national budget run by the nearest 5 year old.

And does Al the Racebaiter remind anyone else of a bobble head doll?  That huge head immediately brought to mind the Pep Boys commercials with the bobble heads.

For anyone who cares the companies who sponsored his drivel on the night I was annoyed enough to monitor it are:

PearleVision (2 commercials)
LifeStyle Lift
Alka Seltzer (which I actually needed after this project)
E*Trade (2 commercials)
Campbell's Soup
Capri Sun (2 commercials)
Bank of America
Arriva Medical
Empire Carpeting
Phillips Colon Health
Eggland's Best
Olay Pro X
AAG Reverse Mortgage (Oddly, no contact info available on their web page)
Pulaski and Middleman (1-800-BAD-Drug) (Skipped as it seems appropriate for this kind of show)
Snow White and the Huntsman movie 2 commercials (I skipped that one, too)
and MSNBC themselves, advertising some more of the dreck they call programming.

And I know I'm only one person but if I don't let them know that I don't approve of the kind of stuff they're sponsoring, who will?  They need to be made aware of the fact that where my money finally ends up matters to me and if they aren't careful about what they do with the profit they make from me I'll transfer my buying to a company more in line with my philosophy.  While Al the Racebaiter has the right to say anything he wants, I not only deplore his message but find his methods reprehensible (Brawley, Crown Heights and Martin leap immediately to mind) and have made it known to those sponsoring companies that this is something they need to consider if they plan to continue selling their product to me.

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