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Monday, June 30, 2014


I found a story on the interwebs about an engineer who was tired of having to cook all the time and wanted to be able to eat when it would be fun, but not have to stop to cook and eat out of necessity. 

It looked kind of interesting so I kept going and it turns out he managed it. (Yes, I was years behind when I found Rob's blog) And while they sell ready made Soylent, he also left the formula as open source and a lot of people are making their own.  There is a blog site of results and another of recipes.  Provided in the recipes sections is source, cost, and nutritional value.  Also, at the bottom is a pull down to change the information to see how well that recipe will fit you. 

So, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have 6 months of complete nutrition that would fit in a backpack, be light enough to carry easily and only need water to complete.  A full year supply for a family would fit on a closet shelf.

It would also be nice if all the ingredients were locally sourced.  

I've been looking over some of the recipes and there are several that would be a good start and could be easily tuned to each individual using them.  Plus all of the ingredients are available at WalMart or GNC.  And they all cost between $3 and $5 a day.  For complete nutrition.  Not that that would be all you could eat, but it would be all you would need to eat. 

I've started working on my recipe, how about you?  One benefit I have is that I can buy bulk as several friends are splitting bulk purchases with me as they are working on their recipes, too.  I think I will get the price down to about $2 a day doing it this way.

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