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Thursday, February 17, 2011

At Least They're Doing Something

So, per the not-so-just Eric Holder, the Medicare Strike Force (has anyone ever heard of them before?) arrested 114 people for Medicare fraud in a giant sweep.  Of course, they stole millions before they were arrested.  A little slow, this Medicare Strike Force. 

Now when are they going to do something about the millions wasted because people are too lazy to make a doctor appointment and instead just head for the ER?  It's not just the uninsured who do this because they can't afford a doctor bill.  I see it in the Medicare patients, and much more often in the Medicaid patients.  I think it's time that calling an ambulance or showing up in the ER for non-emergencies be treated just like abusing 911.  Treat them, because EMTALA says they have that right and then cite them for abuse of the emergency system.   Fines payable then and there.

Sure, there are some details to work out, privacy, etc, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

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