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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aren't friends wonderful?

Isn't it heartwarming that the European community has imposed sanctions on Libya to try to force President Muammar Qaddifi's resignation? It is understandable that any civilized country would want to see the removal of a dictator who routinely kills his own citizens. Given the support that the EU gave United States in the war against Iraq, I guess they just did not include Saddam Hussein in the sadistic killer category. Their were exceptions of course, foremost among them was the United Kingdom. Now the EU, under the aegis of the UN security counsel, is considering imposing a no fly zone. This would necessarily involve the bombing of Libyrian survialence facilities and airfields. I think it only fit and proper that the U.S. give support it received in the war in Iraq in kind: our navel forces should just float around and supply material support behind enemy lines. Based on data (2008) from, this would mean that the EU could field the following :

France: Active Military personnel: 225,000
Airforce total: 1023
Navy: 134 vessels, including 1 Aircraft carrier
Germany: Active Military personnel: 250,000
Airforce total: 350
Navy: 130 vessels
Spain: Active Military personnel: 177,000
Airforce total: 691
Navy: 90 vessels, including 1 Aircraft carrier
Italy: Active Military personnel: 240,000
Airforce total: 1594
Navy: 107 vessels, including 2 Aircraft carriers
U.K: Active Military personnel: 195,000
Airforce total: 1891
Navy: 139 vessels, including 2 Aircraft carriers.

I sincerely hope that a good time will be had by all.

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