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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breach of human rights?

Evicting deadbeats has been becoming more and more difficult, time consuming, and costly, but this beats all. Of course, it's in Formerly Great Britain, where the inmates are completely in charge of the asylum, and could never happen here.

Evicting a woman from her council home for failing to pay rent would breach her human rights, judges ruled yesterday.

Town Hall chiefs wanted to evict Rebecca Powell, who receives thousands of pounds in benefits, after she ran up more than £3,500 in arrears on the accommodation she was given because she was homeless.

But the Supreme Court said that – under the controversial European Convention on Human Rights – this would be a breach of the right to ‘respect for a person’s home'.

Further in the article, it states that this person is 23, and lives with her partner and four children.

While this is admittedly a council property, which shouldn't make any difference, would it be any different if it were privately owned? Are people who actually earn something no longer to be considered human? Don't the owners have any human rights?

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