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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Political correctness of Legumes

I came to work this morning, and as part of the morning ritual, S. asked what I had brought for lunch. Usually this means what do you have, and is there enough to share. "A beaner burrito" said I. S. informed me that I shouldn't say that. "Well, it is not beef, chicken, or fish." No, that term beaner is offensive to Latinos" said S.. I informed S. that I was pretty sure that the beans themselves were grown in Louisiana. At this point I spotted Sammy, a Black man (yes he prefers the term Black, as he has put it "I have never been to Africia in my life".) Being the politically incorrect person that I am, I went over to him to apologize for using the term "black" eyed pea and would henceforth call them purple hull peas, even though they are not.

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