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Friday, May 20, 2011

Israel and Zeroman

Frankly, I'm surprised that anyone finds Zeroman's position on Israel and the terrorist Hamas government even worth commenting upon. He has made it clear since taking office that he has no respect for or appreciation of any U.S. allies and has resolutely attempted to alienate all of them. That he would continue so obviously with Israel should not come as a source of astonishment.

As for Israel going back to the 1967 borders, with the rumbles coming out of Egypt right now it's far more likely that they will be going back to the 1979 boundaries. The fact that the, for lack of a better word I'll call it government, in Gaza has in recent days stated that Israel has no right to exist and all Jews will be annihilated by them at the first opportunity does not lead me to believe that negotiations were even on the table, but if they were it would be suicidal for Israel to accept returning to the 1967 borders.

Consider that Arafat was given everything he asked for during negotiations at Camp David and walked away from the deal because he knew that the only acceptable outcome to the Arab world was the destruction of the Jewish State, though of course that wasn't one of the voiced demands. How could anyone expect a different outcome at this time with Abbas and Hamas admitting it so publicly? If they negotiate at all it will be with the intent of keeping the aid flowing, just as it was in Arafat's day.

By making that speech, knowing that it was an impossibility, Zeroman simply made it possible for the unthinking and unknowing to continue blaming Israel for the unrest in the Middle East. Which was just as likely his goal as any other.

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