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Monday, May 9, 2011

The joys of living in the south.

I was bird watching yesterday from the front porch. The great thing about it was the birds were building a nest in the fake Ficus setting in my neighbors entryway. The birds were robins, which aren't the brightess of birds. Even better, they were picking up strands of hair? from my other neighbors wig. (I am not making this up). I have no idea how the wig got out in the yard. The birds finally flew off to find more building material, so I decided to go inside. The dog was in the yard, so I told her to "come on". I wasn't thinking, because that is exactly was she did: right through the sorghum plants. Doesn't everyone have a stand of sorghum in their frontyard? My brother thought that sorghum would look lovely in front of the house. Of course, now it looks like a tornado went through the yard. I just love living in the south.

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