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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Open message to my patient

You have one chance at living and you need to get your act together. Not doing as we ask of you, continuing with the recreational drugs even while hospitalized, is going to kill you. Not because of the act, but because if you don't straighten out you will not be eligible for the transplant you need to survive. You have a small child that you will not see grow up and graduate. Do you really want his only knowledge of you to come from the BabyDaddy or whoever takes him to raise when you're gone?

There is one other thing. You are not paying for this. We, your fellow taxpaying citizens, are. We have paid for all of your treatment to this point and you are asking us to continue to pay for the rest. A transplant is very, very expensive and it may seem crass of me to mention it, but if you want us to give this to you then you need to do your part.

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  1. Amen - and thank you for voicing what so desperately needs to be said!