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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bowling for Brothers.

Yesterday I hooked the sprinkler up for what I thought would be a hour. But no. The water would not shut off from the faucet. I played and played with it for hours (five) before I got desperate and called by brother who can do about everything, including pumbing. By this time you might imagine that the lawn now looked like a lake. The dog of course loved running through the standing water and through the sprinkler. Jack asked whether I had a couple of cocktails. Not the thing to say to a dripping wet woman with a large wrench in her hand. Jack walked over twisted the handle and presto: the thing turned right off. But vengence was mine. You see Tinkerbell absolutely loves Jack, so when she saw him, she came running over to get a pet. What a better way to get a pet, than to knock your human down. It was classic: Dog and water flying, followed by Jack flying. Fortunately, there was plenty of water (and mud)to break his fall.

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