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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chicken update and snake tales

My job as a chicken management specialist is coming to an end. It wasn't difficult at all, and I've collected 13 eggs so I was probably overpaid. Except for the worrying about running into a snake. I do have a little snake experience and it was not enjoyable.

I worked lots of part time jobs while I was in college and one of them was in an office where the boss kept a Burmese Python. (His wife wouldn't let him keep it at home. Smart woman.) The snake had a cage but several times when I opened the office I found it loose, often curled up on my desk. Once it was on the shelf next to my desk and I didn't realize it until I reached for something without looking and grabbed a handful of snake. Need I say that neither of us was happy? Plus, once the boss realized how much it bothered me he would let it loose just to annoy me. Once I almost rolled my chair over it and another time it wrapped around my ankle. Now I'm 5'4" and it was about 9' long and outweighed me, but it startled me so much it ended up on the other side of the room. To this day I'm not sure how. I was coming to the conclusion that that wasn't a good job, but the money was good (Bet you can't guess why?) and it was almost the end of the semester so I thought I would stick it out. (I did finally quit when the boss had a temper tantrum while on the phone and threw a can of soda over my head and through the window next to my desk.)

Anyway, that gave me real distaste for snakes, more so than the average being squicked out by them. I even gave up reading a mystery series I liked because one of them had a snake on the cover and I didn't want to have my hand on it while I was reading. Now I can't read any further in the series, because I've missed one and I need to read them in order. (If I believed in it I might decide it's psychiatrist time.)

And as I said earlier it is dead snake in the road season here. I was discussing it with Tinkerbell's mom who nicely pointed me to this article, which led to this video (sorry, no embed code.) And now I'm wondering if maybe living in a top floor (Way up. Way, way up.) condo in the middle of the city might be a good idea. Maybe in a city in some land where there are no snakes. Does Greenland have snakes?

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