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Saturday, June 11, 2011


LBB is gone for a month or so of fun and sun. So far he's had a week of camping near San Felipe and a couple of poker tournaments in Vegas. He'll be visiting family in SoCal next week then he and some buddies are planning on some fishing before moving on to Utah for some more camping and geode hunting.

In the meantime, I'm keeping things going here. Spike is housebroken, but we can't have a doggy door out here, and with no one around to let him out during the day I tried putting him in one room while I was at work to minimize the risk of messes throughout the house. You wouldn't think a fluffy, prissy little Shih Tzu could eat a door, but that's what happened. On to the next plan. I think he'll go to doggy day care some next week. The cats have adjusted quite nicely and are no trouble.

Last year a family bought the land across the street and they are building there. Seem like nice people. They have 6 children, home-schooled, and the most well behaved, well mannered children I have seen in some time. Anyway, they haven't quite finished the house,but have moved into the basement for now. John came over this morning looking for LBB as they are going out of town next week and he needed someone to take care of their chickens. Now I've never taken care of chickens before, actually I've never met one that wasn't on the table, but what's a good neighbor to do? I expect the next week to be interesting. I'm getting paid in fresh eggs, he said I could keep all the ones I gather. He's giving me a chicken managing lesson this afternoon.

The kitchen countertops are due to be delivered this week, I can't wait for that. (Of course it means I'll have to take a day off work, but I'll suffer through.) Then all we'll have left will be the final trim work and the backsplashes. No more living in a construction zone.

I have one more project for the week, I'm going to try to find a decent internet provider. We've live just far enough out and there are only eight houses in our neighborhood, so the choices have been pretty slim. I keep getting advertising for this area, but everything stops just the other side of the main road. We've tried satellite (majorly suckish), and have had Verizon Mifi for a year, but I'm very annoyed with it right now. A few weeks ago our unit stopped charging. I tried a new battery and it worked for a day, but couldn't re-charge. After two useless trips to the Verizon store, I called tech support and they agreed to trade out the unit. This one is refurbished, and apparent the problem was not corrected in the refurbishing. It has had trouble connecting since we got it and now it's reached the point where it has to be turned off and on several times before it will connect. For the last few days it's been turn on, turn off, turn on, turn off, turn on, turn off, connect, view one page, start process again. I think that Verizon would probably exchange the unit again, and I will settle for that if needed, but since the service has always been slower than snot in Thule in January from 7 to 9am and 4 to 6:30pm (as in we don't even bother to try logging on at those times), I plan to look around. Possibly there is another choice that will work all 24 hours. I'm not asking for the speed of light, but when half of what you're interested in times out before loading and videos are completely out seems to me there should be another option. Any suggestions?

P.S. Had to restart three times before this could post. Time for a change, yes?


  1. Have you got cable on a landline?
    I got tired of WildBlue (satellite) and discovered our CATV now supplied broadband.

    Now we have DirectTV and broadband (W/ free expanded basic -less BBCAmerica or we'd drop DTV).

  2. Nope, satellite. The only cable available here doesn't have any HD programming (old system that would need completely rebuilt and they don't think it would be worth it to cover this neighborhood) and doesn't provide internet at all. At least, last year when I checked that was all they had available.

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