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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Tink's Mom has been receiving threatening phone calls for the last couple of days. Seems some anonymous relative is upset about the care his mama received while in the hospital. I'm thinking this person is somewhat confused since Tink's Mom is the team pharmacist and not directly responsible for decisions regarding care, although she does round with us and visit patient rooms. And the confusion is likely to make this person more dangerous, rather than less. Though he was smart enough to get her pager and cell phone numbers somehow.

She's reported the calls to the local police, who responded with a large yawn, and tried to report it to the campus police (a separate licensed police force) who refused to talk to her because she wasn't on campus while making the call.

Making it even more worrisome is the fact that we arrive while it's still dark into a parking garage that has been used for mischief in the (fairly recent) past. And, of course, the campus is a victim disarmament zone, as evidenced by large signs

posted at each entrance. She has considered calling for an escort, but since the response time the few times either of us has tried it has averaged 40 minutes, that's not really a option either.

So where does the law abiding citizen turn in cases like this?


  1. I think in a case like this the law abiding citizen is supposed to take it like a man. Disarmament is so dumb. Keep calling the cops unroll they get so sick of being bugged they do something, maybe.

  2. She tried calling the campus police from work today (the calls are continuing) and was given the name of someone who could take a report. However, that person was off and is apparently irreplaceable, as there was no one else who would own up to being able to do that job so reporting will have to wait until she is available.