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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Larry Gross wrote this article for Cincinnati CityBeat. In it he espouses a position on gun control that I find thoroughly disagreeable, but he also acknowledges that he arrived at this position from a very small knowledge basis.
So I've challenged him to get to know some gun people and give shooting a try. Here is my comment to his article:

Mr. Gross, a continuing theme of the world today is that getting to know someone begets understanding them. In your article you readily admit to having a small basis for comparison of gun people, therefore I challenge you to get to know some. I would be happy to take you to the range, as would almost any gunblogger. Lots of us have posted on our blogs an invitation for new shooters, or people who think they might want to become shooters, or just want to see what it's about to drop in for a trip to the range. If there is not a gunblogger who would do so close to you then go to the local range and introduce yourself. I think you will find people of all ages and walks of life. People who will welcome you, offer instruction and assistance, and even share their toys. We shoot because it's fun, too, not solely through a wish to provide for our protection. Once you have gotten to know some gun people, come back and review this article. I think it will affect your opinion.

I'll let you know if he answers.

PS. I called myself a gunblogger because I'm so proud of having been blacklisted. Thanks, North.

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