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Saturday, August 20, 2011


I was perking on writing something about this, when I got scooped again and by someone who is much better at this than I.
If the current Democrat Congress had an ounce of integrity, the House would be impeaching Barack Obama and the Senate would be convicting him. But today’s Democrat is willing to let Obama unconstitutionally bypass them. There is no way Republicans can stop it, but they could at least try – and make a hell of a lot of noise doing it. Congress has abdicated their duty and violated their oath of office, just as Obama has violated the Constitution to which he swore.
I saw part of a new report on Gunwalker last night and was reminded that Watergate was enough to topple Richard Nixon's presidency, and no one had to die for that to happen. How have things changed so much that not one of our sworn representatives feels the need to officially object to the behavior of this regime? And what will it take to make them do their job?


  1. Barack 0bama is a black (protected) Democrat.

    It would be racist to treat him any other way than as a king--or Jeezus if you're not a communist.

  2. Ah, come on, that can't be the only reason. Surely there are some reps who are not so bound by political correctness as to ignore an administration that is so wrong as to be complicit in murder. There are a lot of black reps who took the oath of office, too, and they don't have to worry about being accused of being raaacist. Although right now it doesn't look as if they have to worry about being accused of being moral either.