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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OK, just what is it with Prius drivers?

Today I was on the way home when a Prius merged onto the freeway in front of me doing a whopping 35 MPH.  35! To merge on the freeway.  And there I was, arm in a cast, driving a bigass dually that I'd never driven before, pulling a trailer full of goats (don't ask.) 

                                            These two are mine.  Aren't they cute?

                                          Wonder if they're the milking kind?  Better get Googling.

Luckily for the Prius there was enough room for me to go around him, 'cos I kind of think running over a Prius in a dually would feel like a road bump. 


  1. Meanwhile, I was pulling on to the interstate at 35 mph today behind a semi that had a load of livestock (I want to say goats, just for the nice turning on end of things, but it was more likely cows).

    But about priuses (priusi? prii?)--you shouldn't be too hard on them, after all, they're carting around a ton or two of lead in their floorboards.

  2. Yeah, but I know they can actually go the speed limit on the highway. I saw one do it once.

  3. Wait... Piouses can go faster than 35? Sure could have fooled me... ;)

    In other news, hope your arm gets better soon!

  4. No, really, I did see one once at about 55. One. Once.
    Thanks for the good wishes. I just want to be able to sit at the computer without severe pain in my neck and back. Since that is how I spend half of my workday.