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Friday, September 2, 2011

Well, crap!

Car wreck on the way home today.  Car in front of me on freeway stopped.  I stopped.  Car behind me didn't notice.  Neither did the car behind her.  She had to be cut out, but was awake and alert throughout.  Hopefully she's ok.

I have broken wrist and aches in places where I never knew I had places.  Typing sucks.  Probably be a lot of typos in the next few weeks.  Probably won't be making that range trip with Jack this weekend either.  I'm a lousy shot without a cast.


  1. Ach.

    Take it easy and heal quickly. The range misses you.

    Typos? Who gives a danm?

  2. I'm glad you're OK. Hopefully you heal quickly and cleanly.

  3. Yeowch. I hope you fully recover and get back to 100% soon, glad to hear it wasn't any worse.

  4. Sorry to hear that.
    Hope you're insurance handles everything, and you heal fast.

  5. Thanks, y'll. Right now I'm nicely medicated and doing well. I suspect the worst is yet to come, in more ways than one. I hate car shopping with a passion, but I think they might total mine. Even though I drove it home. Which I wasn't supposed to according to the insurance company. They have some rule about all of the air bags deploying meaning it's not drivable. Once I got it off the car that hit me it ran ok, except the muffler was jammed up into some other piece of something mechanical and the transmission made some odd clanky noises when I put it in gear. Plus the damage to the front from where she slammed me into the car in front of me. I don't think either of the people behind me ever touched their brakes. Maybe they can fix it. Nothing more fell off when I drove it back to the hospital to get my arm fixed or on the way home from there.

  6. I hate dumb people. Glad you are relatively okay!! Relax! No jerky people.