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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big smiles all around

The smiles after their first shots were huge.  We all had a ton of fun tonight.  Enough so that we'll do it again soon. 

We went for a meal after and I mentioned the courses offered at Range Master.  Of course D looked their site up right then and after they explored it thoroughly we picked a date for all three of us to take the beginner course. 

Then we discussed USPSA and IDPA shooting and they've both already decided they'll need to give that a try.  Not bad for two people who had never seen a real gun before this evening.  Guess I'd better dig out my old cheerleader outfit and dust off the pom-poms. 

The funniest moment of the evening was when I mentioned buying one and P responded, "Oh, I couldn't have one at home." 

Then the light bulb lit and with another big smile he said, "Why, I could have one at home."

Out the computer came again as they started looking up prices.  The number of choices is overwhelming to such new shooters, but I reminded them that the instructions on the Range Master site said not to buy if you don't already own one and that more experience would help narrow the selection.  So I don't think they're going shopping tomorrow, but wouldn't  necessarily count on it. 

I hope they continue to enjoy it as much as tonight.  They'll make good additions to the people of the gun.

And I learned that I know more than I thought I did.  If there had not been an instructor available tonight, we'd still have been fine.

Oh, and P is mailing his first target to his Mum. 


  1. We must hope Mum isn't of a neurasthenic nature. :)

    Nicely done, nicely reported.

  2. Knowing her, she'll be badgering us to take her shooting as soon as she gets off the plane on their next visit.

  3. Congratulations on what sounds like a totally successful range trip! I imagine the revelation that freedom is at least nominally tolerated here in the States was a welcome one for them indeed :).

  4. They each mentioned at more than once that guns aren't very common in Britain.