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Monday, October 24, 2011


This was Roy Orbison's commuter vehicle.  Funny, he didn't sound like a 'Vette man.

They only made this window style for one year.

Experimental model.

Help, I'm naked!

Pace Cars

Stolen in 1970, recovered 2009  (Story)

In 1976, using mostly third gear, Brock Yates drove a Corvette 1138 miles along the Alaska Highway, nearly all of it gravel and mud. (Story)

My youngest brother graduated from high school when I was a month old.  He says he can remember these on the roads.

Though my sister was in college when I was born, I think I can remember when she drove a Corvair.  It wasn't new when she got it.

My dad had one of these.  He liked it so much he kept it for a long time, even when it wasn't his main car anymore.  My nephew turned it into a race car after Dad died.    

The lighting was bad and they have these plexiglass shields that messed up a lot of the pics because you can't shoot through them or get a good angle when reaching over them, but The National Corvette Museum was a kind of fun break in the driving.  Probably wouldn't travel that far just to go there, but if you're passing through...

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