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Friday, October 21, 2011

More Government Failure

I haven't said much about Fast and Furious, there is already a ton of stuff out there written by much more informed and better writers than I. 

This article, however, highlights the intrinsic problems in bureaucracy and the disasters caused by The Peter Principle.  Had every employee above Newell who reviewed this case been promoted to a position of incompetence?  Or did they just not care? 

The life of an agent and those of his family were at direct risk and it was ignored.  If I had screwed up so badly I would be unable to sleep at night, yet Newell says he would do it again?  What kind of sociopaths are running the ATF that this is ok?

If ATF had taken steps to hold Newell, Gillett, McMahon and others responsible for their irresponsible actions surrounding the Dobyns case, Fast and Furious wouldn’t have happened, but because ATF openly rewards bad behavior and corruption, Fast and Furious was utterly predictable. 

It's time for the ATF to go away and it's top employees to become unemployed, not transferred to another agency where they can continue to do this kind of damage.  It's time for some serious housecleaning in all agencies of the federal government, past time time for the Constitution to be upheld and the Czars and Napolitanos and Holders and Sebelius' to be reminded of just who they are employed by, and in some cases prosecuted for dereliction of duty if not for their criminal acts. 

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