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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Know your meds, take your meds, list your meds....

Conversation while admitting a patient who had never been seen at my beloved workplace before  today:

"So the only medication you take is the cancer drug?"

"Yep, that's it, that's the only one."

"You're sure you don't take anything for blood pressure?"

"Oh, yeah, nothing like that, but...well I got the sugar, I take a white pill for that."

"A white pill.  Can you maybe narrow that down some?"

"No, just a white pill.  Cain't you look it up?"

"Probably not.  You're sure you don't take any blood pressure medicine?  Your blood pressure is 186/139, seems likely you would have been on some medicine for that."

"Nope, nothing.  But you can call my Mama and ask her, she has copies of some papers from my doctor.  Here, use my cell phone, her number is programmed."

After a conversation with Mama, and a wait while she found the papers, and a wait while she looked for the med list, it was discovered that he takes not one med, but three for high blood pressure.

When I pointed that out to him the response was a stunned:

" Well, I didn't know they was for blood pressure.  I sure woulda been taking 'em if I'd knowd that."

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