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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State and Child Abuse

This article from Michael Reagan gives some good advice on dealing with abuse situations, the most important of which is:

1. If you see an act of child abuse in progress, step in and STOP IT. I have to wonder why the grad assistant who witnessed the rape felt he only had to report it to someone. Why didn't he jump in, knock Sandusky on his butt, and protect the child? If you see a child being raped by an adult, please have the guts and good sense to intervene.

Which leads to the question of why the grad student (Mike McCleary) didn't do so, or didn't at the very least pursue it when he saw that nothing was being done? Why the hell does he still have a job? 

He and Paterno and the administration of Penn State are as culpable as Sandusky because they enabled him to continue.  Isn't there a conspiracy charge out there somewhere that would fit?

Why aren't the parents of Penn State students out rioting in the streets against the school politics that allowed this to continue,  instead of letting their kids riot in support of child abuse?  And IMHO that is exactly what those rioting student are doing.  Supporting child abuse.
And you 40.84% who think Paterno should be given a pass because he was a good coach should be ashamed of yourselves.  WTF is wrong with you?

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