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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Range Report...

I had a day off last week that involved new toys;

and a range trip with P and three new shooters.  P's sister, Karrie, was here from England for a visit last week and jumped right on the idea of a range trip.  She had a marvelous time, though she was amazed by the fact that we really could own guns and go shooting anytime.  Her biggest giggle was when she heard us discussing the fact that a friend of ours got a new gun from her husband for Christmas.  Karrie found the idea of a gun as a Christmas present just hilarious after she got over being startled by the idea of being able to just go buy one.

She took her target home to show their dad and he was appropriately impressed.  He has already made plans for a range trip the next time he and P's mum come over.  Though Karrie did say that after seeing her target he immediately started making excuses, "My eyes aren't so good anymore, but I'm sure it will still be a good time..."

BBB is here now with two of his sons. (Thus the extra work on my part.  What adult could possibly expect to build a house with no money, just the exterior materials? At least they have those.  They came with two trucks and two trailer loads of building supplies. )  Anyway, we took my nephews along on the range trip.  One of them is five years younger than I, the other is 10 years younger, and neither one had ever held a gun before.  I was a little surprised that they were interested, having been raised by a Jehovah's Witness and a pacifist moron (that would be BBB) in So. Cal.  While one of them found it merely interesting, the other had a terrific time and can't wait to go again.  I think he will be a real shooter.  Though he did ask why I insisted upon him using two hands and keeping the gun upright.  Because turning it sideways just looks so cool, ya know?


  1. Sounds like a fine day, but I'm wondering. How did you explain the revolver's bordello grips to the wee ones?


    1. Believe me, they are not so wee and have a much better grasp of the world of bordelloes than I...