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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still working two jobs and this is my first post on the new Blogger.  Now I see why there has been such an exodus. 

The house building for BBB is finally underway.  After much stressing about how to manage to build on a piece of property two and a half hours from here, we decided to put his house on the back of this property, up the hill in an area I never bothered.   That decision made, everything else is falling into place.  The septic system is in, water is run (he's using my old well since I now have city water), holes are dug for the temporary electric poles and the footing pads are poured.  I know that's progress, but it still looks like a mess to me.  My part of this will get better July 1st, when I go back to working just one job, because by then I will have paid for as much of this project as I am willing.  He has most of the necessary materials and his sons are here to help with the labor. The rest will have to be up to him.

That said, I am contemplating selling the property out by the lake.  It's not directly on the lake, just close to it and I've always held onto it because of LBB and BBB, so that there would be a place for them to  build a cabin or put a mobile home when (there was never any if in this equation, at least as regards BBB) they needed it.  But LBB came to help me with Mom when she was dying and is still here and BBB will now have a roof over his head that he can't just throw away since I'm not putting it in his name, so there doesn't seem to be a need for me to hang on to that 17 acres any more.  Because even if they make me completely crazy and I decide to run away from home it won't be to a cabin in the woods by myself.  Then I think but it might work for BBB's sons, then I tell myself that they are grown men and I don't need to be responsible for them, and they have enough time while they're living here helping their dad to figure out how to manage their own lives. 

Maybe when I'm not so tired my brain will stop spinning and I can make some sense.

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