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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Prudie

A friend forwarded the Dear Prudie advice column to me today because there was a gun question asked.  Sent in by a law student who found a gun in a file cabinet at work the question was basically "OMG!  Gun!  What should I do?"
The response from Prudie was as expected (OMG! Danger! Tell someone!), along with some snark about the boss planning to reduce the number of lawyers, and there were a couple of other responses from, I guess, readers in the column, none of whom seemed at all familiar with guns. 
So what would be the best way to answer that question from someone who had previously had no exposure to guns?


  1. Wow. The A: was completely unhelpful. That answer was a mix of non-serious half-joking and a display of irrational fear. Worse than no answer at all.

  2. The correct answer is clear. Call me and I will make the gun safe and then remove the gun from the premises, after which I will deny any knowledge of any gun, at least if it was a nice one.

  3. GBBL: Yep. And I think that is supposed to be a serious advice column. Seems like the person answering could have asked the opinion of someone who had at least handled a gun at sometime. Wonder if the subject is closed or I could write her on it now?

    ML: How considerate of you!

  4. Wow, that's a toughie.

    I have a hard time imagining not only not knowing how to make a gun safe, but also not knowing anybody else who does whom I could call to do the deed, either.

  5. And he/she is afraid of accidentally making it discharge which truly must be scary, yet the answer from the oh so helpful advice columnist was just snark. It just seems like this would have been such a good opportunity for someone who knows guns to pass on some wisdom, but there didn't seem to be any people familiar with weapons involved in the chat. Not that that is surprising.

  6. Well, I guess Eddie Eagle's advice to children would apply here:


  7. Well, as poorly put as it was that is the advice she/he got from the columnist.