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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Political Correctness, the unintended consequences

Mr Pickles said in a newspaper interview that attempts to target help to troubled families had been frustrated in the past by politically correct attitudes among officials and politicians.‘Folks sat around this table saying, “We can’t call these people troubled families because that’s stigmatising them”,’ he said. ‘Well, what do you want to call them? Mildly discomforted families? No, these folks are troubled: They’re troubling themselves, they’re troubling their neighbourhood. We need to do something about it."

After complaining about how much has been spent on these "troubled" families his solution is to spend more?  And how does he expect a bunch (gaggle? herd?) of politically correct social workers to make a difference?

This woman is not politically correct.  Wonder what her solution would be?

But Patricia Morgan, an author on family life, said: ‘It won’t work. This time next year there won’t be 120,000 troubled families, there will be more. These families are lazy, feckless and irresponsible. These are old methods that have never worked. We need changes in the way people are rewarded and penalised by the state, and a dose of morality.’

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