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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time away from work is a good thing...

ASCO was as usual interesting and the time away was great.  Though I wish it weren't always Chicago.  I am finishing the week in Californistan as Big Sister has an Important Anniversary and a party to go with it.  I'll enjoy seeing all of the family and friends still imprisoned there before I get back to the last two weeks of two jobs.  So far it's been a really good break  and I've caught up on a lot of the stuff I let slide while working so much, including blog reading. 

Speaking of that, I owe Aaron of The Shekel an apology.  When I first got so busy with the second job I somehow missed entirely that he awarded me a Liebster and never acknowledged it.  I'm sorry, Aaron, and very unhappy with myself as that was a first for me.  Thank you.

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