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Monday, July 16, 2012


The range trip with the girls was good.   Because I had lots of ammo for them I took the M&P9c,  LC9 and Glock 19.  Just for fun I threw in the MKII, as well.

The pharmacy intern has a pink Judge.  She loves it because her fiance bought it for her.  The nurse with the CCL has a .38 Snubbie, bought for her by her husband.

We did some swapping around and trying the different guns out.  While I was a little put off by the pink, the Judge was better than I expected from my reading but I was not impressed enough to consider buying one of my own.  The Snubbie was fun, but I still prefer the guns I already have.  Actually, I should have taken one more as those were the most popular and it's a good thing I had plenty of ammo for them.  And I actually thought I was taking too much!

Our new shooter had a wonderful time and wore a big grin the entire time we were there.  It was nice to see her enjoy herself so much.  On the other hand, my niece was back when I got home from work the other day and she went along with us and hated every second on the range.  She fired the MKII once and refused to participate any more. She was terrified by the guns, hated the noise (yes, we did have proper hearing protection) and ended up sitting at the other end of the range by herself like a dark cloud.  I'm not sure how to handle that.  Being only 5 years younger than I, she's obviously not a little girl and I was very surprised by her reaction. 

Lunch was nice and much discussion was had concerning keeping in practice with your carry pistol.  Snubbie girl is considering looking at one of the .9's as she said she doesn't shoot with the Snubbie much because it hurts her hand.  She may be changing carry weapons soon.  New shooter enjoyed the discussion as much as the shooting and is already considering what she should buy and asked about CCL classes which I think is terrific.  Niece lightened up during lunch and actually enjoyed the spa, so that improved the day some.

Over all a good time was had and we plan to do it again soon.

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