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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bloomberg is like Reagan???

LZ Granderson is leaning farther and farther over the abyss of complete insanity.  Now he thinks Romney should ask Bloomberg to be his running mate.  He thinks that since conservatives are resigned to voting for him anyway, even though they don't like him, Romney should go for the Independent crowd with Bloomberg

Bloomberg is viewed as a compassionate leader with many traditional Republican views who would be focused on reducing deficits by increasing revenue in addition to making tough decisions on spending cuts.You know, like that Ronald Reagan guy the new generation idolizes but is reluctant to emulate. Remember Reagan raised taxes to help dig us out of a hole. And while he doesn't like to talk about it, when Romney was governor, he too raised taxes. As did Bloomberg.And if you comb through this country's history, you will see that raising taxes is not the Democrats' way of exchanging wealth, it's been a reoccurring part of the deficit reduction equation and -- in the mayor's words -- "Republicans who emphasize economic freedom would have a lot more credibility if they'd stop promising a free lunch."

Of course,  no right-minded person would consider listening to Granderson, but the twisted logic in this suggestion is worthy of Nancy Pelousy.

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