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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Correspondence with my Representative

From Mr. Griffin:

 This week, the House will vote on the Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act (H.R. 4078), which puts a moratorium on new regulations that would cost the economy $100 million or more until the unemployment rate falls to six percent or below.

I'm the lead sponsor of this legislation, and I've put together a video explaining what it does and why it's necessary. The government's Small Business Administration estimates that current regulations already cost $1.75 trillion every year and add $10,585 in overhead per employee.

My reply:

While I commend your effort with the EPIC regulation, I am puzzled by the fact that you seem to think that a regulation that is not affordable at 6.1% unemployment would be affordable at 6%. Why is that the magic number? It seems to me that if we can't afford a regulation, we simply can't afford it.

Considering the number of regulations already extant, and how business, thus life, in this country is being affected by them I can hardly see the need to regulate anything else. How about a bill that forces voiding two current regulations for every new one proposed?

And what is Congress doing about reining in agencies like the EPA that are fining the productive sector for not using a biofuel that hasn't been invented yet?

Currently we have multiple out of control agencies (Why does the Dept. of Education have a SWAT Team?) run by unelected bureaucrats and a plethora of, also unelected, Czars with too much power and not enough Congressional oversight. Please put some time into correcting that situation, as their goal seems to be stifling the American Spirit rather than contributing to what it was that made this country a great place to live.

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