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Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't dispute my authoritah

Mr. Brewington really does sound like he was a PITA, but that is absolutely no excuse for what has been done to him and his children.

So the DA trumped up six charges against Brewington that frankly were designed to punish protected speech. With the assistance of the trial court that issued jury instructions that failed to remind the jury about the protections afforded by the First Amendment, and with the ineffective conduct of his trial lawyer, Brewington was convicted of five of the six counts and sentenced to serve five years in prison. 
Family judges tell us pretty much nonstop about their concern for children’s welfare. According to them, they’ve never taken a breath that wasn’t in “the best interests of the child.” But of course that’s pure nonsense, and this case shows it. The fact is that Brewington was an obnoxious litigant. I’m sure he was a pain to all concerned. But if Judge Humphrey were truly concerned with the man’s two children, he’d have set aside whatever animosity he had toward Brewington and recognized that the girls need their father. Again, there was never a claim that Brewington was violent, hurtful, neglectful or in any way less than a loving, caring, capable father. 
But now his girls won’t see him for five years and probably not even then. That’s because this judge wasn’t concerned about their welfare; he was concerned about showing Brewington, and all others who may be similarly inclined, just what kind of power family courts have. Question that at your peril. Assert your rights only if you dare. That’s the message to which two little girl’s well-being was sacrificed.

So in another case of legal system malfeasance a man and his children will be punished for exercising rights enumerated in the Constitution by  "Only Ones" run amuck.

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