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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Idiot Savant?

One of the Attendings at the ministry of hope and healing where I earn my living is completely inept when it comes to things computer.  While I myself am not exactly a repository of knowledge, I am at least functional.  (I never thought I would have to type, much less do as much on the computer as we do now for record keeping.)

Due to the fact that I was already the owner of a Kindle when the Attending bought hers and was able to show her how to use it and straighten it out when she messed it up (yes, it can be done, with difficulty), she has decided that I am the person to ask whenever she has a problem with anything electronic.

These questions have included setting up her TIVO and email, both multiple times, going with her when shopping for a new laptop and fielding multiple usage questions.  Fortunately, they have been very basic questions.  But last week was the topper.

As we were getting ready for rounds she told me she needed help with her TV and proceeded to pull a huge remote out of the pocket of her lab coat and holding it up began poking at the buttons while saying, "See, it won't work.  This remote won't change the channels.  See?"

She is a brilliant oncologist and her patients are very lucky to have her, but how she functions in life is a puzzle.

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