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Monday, February 11, 2013

Road Trip

Yay, going to get to go to the NRA Convention this year.  It'll be my first and I'm very excited. I haven't been much of anywhere lately, but Peter's house is finally ready to go on the market (I'm meeting with the realtor tomorrow to sign the listing agreement), BBB's house is ready to move in and LBB has decided to move up the hill with him, so that leaves only niece living actually in my house with me.  And she is now house hunting it won't be long until I have my house to myself.

As for Peter's house, it has taken these last 4 months to get it cleaned out and up and ready to sell.  Two estate sales and a garage sale, painting and new flooring throughout and various and sundry repairs have really absorbed a lot of time and energy.  The woman who killed him was deposed last week and I can hardly wait to have all of that done with, so that I can really feel like it's ok to move forward.  Going to the Convention will be a nice way to begin the process, I hope.

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