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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Electricity is back

Probably a good thing I shut everything down when I did, the electricity started popping on and off like a 4 year old had just discovered the switch and kept it up for a while.

In the meantime I went out to lunch with some friends;

Ummm, onion rings
and found the appetizer to be plenty (there were only 3 of us), so I brought home dinner and most likely tomorrow's lunch.

Buffalo chicken wrap that my friend says is "really Buffaloey".

Got home to find the boys kidnapping my TV and box since theirs can't be replaced for a few days.

Last week they added a deck/front porch to their castle and it's looking really homey now.
It's good we live out in the county, as the entire house only required one permit (septic) and was built of recovered materials on a non-existent budget.   I'm sure it would have been a nightmare in the city.  And I'm equally sure that part of the construction would have fallen to me.

In contrast, Herbie the Tortoise's home looks rather palatial, doesn't it?  Now, I'm really a dog person, and cats depending on their personality, but I don't really get the whole having a pet tortoise thing.  It's like having a pet rock that craps, if you ask me.

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