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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Can he stay the course?

Tom Cotton has announced that he will run against Mark Pryor for Senate.  He's not from my current district (the farm, however, is in his district so I was watching), so I didn't get to vote for him for Congress.  That is changing now and this quote about Obamacare, plus his actions while in Congress, may just be enough to convince me;

I think it’s going to be a central issue in the campaign and I bet there are a lot of Arkansans who will be astonished that Mark Pryor thinks that Obamacare is an amazing success story, working well. 170 people at Baptist Health who lost their jobs might be very surprised to hear that. Seniors who are starting to have trouble accessing doctors they want because of Medicare cuts in Obamacare are going to be surprised to hear that it’s an amazing success story. People who are losing their jobs and having their hours moved from 40 hours full-time work to less than 30 hours so their employers can avoid Obamacare’s mandates are probably very surprised to hear it’s an amazing success story. Whenever the exchanges go live and Arkansans are having their health and medical privacy records compromised, they’re going to be very surprised to hear that. Whenever frauds occur starting January because the president suspended the income verification and the anti-fraud provisions of the exchanges and Arkansas taxpayers are on the hook, I don’t think they’re going to see it to be an amazing success story. 
I suppose Senator Pryor has to own his vote because he was the deciding vote for Obamacare, and Arkansans have long memories about it, but there aren’t that many Arkansans — all across the state — that have much good to say about Obamacare. They certainly don’t think it’s an ‘amazing success story.’

Here's hoping he's no Marco Rubio.

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