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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

San Francisco Upset that Nevada is using their tactics.

(CNN) -- San Francisco on Wednesday threatened to sue Nevada over the practice of "patient dumping," in which the state allegedly sent hundreds of indigent mentally ill patients on one-way trips to California. In a letter to Nevada's state attorney general, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera threatened a class-action lawsuit, saying Nevada's state-run psychiatric hospital Rawson-Neal sent two dozen patients to his city and hundreds more to other spots in California without any arrangements for care once they arrived. At least San Francisco was only doing this to the homeless, not those in need of medical care. Although a large proportion of the homeless do need psychiatric care. (And a much larger portion just need a swift kick.) Nonetheless, this is an awful thing to do to people who are at baseline confused and unable to care for themselves. Yes, these are the most obstreporous and obnoxious patients, but they still need care. And a bus ticket does not qualify as healthcare. San Francisco is not doing this out of any kind of pure motive, but they are right in that it needs stopped. (PS Blogger doesn't like paragraphs tonight.)

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