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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Been busy in my off time lately.  Peter's parents are coming for a visit next week (Which makes me really happy as when they left in May I thought I wouldn't see them again until my next trip to England and, at the same time, really sad as they are coming because they want to be here for the first anniversary of his death. I can't believe it's almost a year already.  It still seems so close.) 

Anyway to the busy sorting part, I dragged all of Peter's books/DVDs/CDs over here when we put his house up for sale (he had as many as I do and between us I think we really needed about three houses to fit all the books, movies and music. Certainly to fit them tidily.) and piled them all up in the room Peter's parents use.  So now I am trying to get them sorted and organized and put away enough for Vera and Terry to fit. 

The only thing more fun then actually reading books is sorting and organizing them, but it's a very, very slow process.  I pick one up and if I've already read it I have to look through for the fun parts and if I haven't read it...well, that takes even longer.  Plus, I am trying to list them all on LibraryThing as I go and get all of the CDs loaded on the computer and watch all 7 seasons of Rescue Me at the same time.  Though I think I may save the Rescue Me to watch with Vera as she will enjoy it.  But then that leaves Hell on Wheels, Whitechapel and Ripper Street for me to get caught up on, so that's no real help is it?  Thank goodness I'm up to date on Dr. Who or I'd be feeling really overwhelmed.

I did get my order in for some ammo, as Terry is really looking forward to another trip to the range while they are here. 

By the way, as you can tell I did take time to fix the blog (yes, it was an eye dee ten tee error, so shut up already).  It still won't work right at work but that is due to my outdated browser. Nothing really works well with it anymore.  And doesn't that just give you loads of confidence in the security of your eMedical Record?

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