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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wonder how this will play out

Despite the fact that it was his mother who turned him in, the father of a murdered 12 year old is suing the parents of her 15 year old murderer.  He says Justin Robinson's parents should have known he was troubled and sought treatment for him.  He also says they shouldn't have exposed him to domestic abuse. In court it was admitted that Justin saw his father choking his mother multiple times and this was referred to as learned behavior, thus making it partially the fault of his parents when he choked Autumn to death according to Mr. Pasquale.  He is suing for pain and suffering, wrongful death and funeral fees.

However this case goes, a sentence of 17 years with possibility of parole in 14 seems a little light for someone capable of choking a 12 year old to death to steal her bicycle.

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