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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Foodie

I love being able to make large batches of something good and freeze some to eat later or take to work. Some recipes are more adaptable for that than others, so I've collected them and some tips and tricks that make it easier.

To start with Family Homestead has both some good advice and good recipes.

At Who Needs A Cape is plan for 20 meals in 2 hrs and another for 40 meals in 4 hrs.  Even if you're not making 40 the techniques are nice.

And Mom's Budget tells you how to organize your freezer and, once that's done, how to organize your freezer meals.

It's a snap, and I really love being able to just throw a good meal on the table in only a few minutes, as all the prep work is done at the beginning of the month.  Since I get paid monthly it also helps to have the fulls month worth of meals planned, chopped and ready to just throw in the crock pot or oven.

I've made some really good meals this way.

From Six Cents

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  1. I've done something like that before, called "once a month cooking." Works really slick.