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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Interesting heating system

solar furnace

Hot idea...instructions here.


  1. It's all a function of how much surface area you have and what the sunlight level is.

    Without a method of forcing air through the cans, (a fan) you don't get that much heating, really. The air my come out hot, but that is because it moves slowly due to convection and the many restrictions caused by the too small holes in the top and bottom of the cans that restrict airflow. .

    Really, you can do the same by putting a piece of corrugated sheet metal behind a window(painted black, of course). You only get so many BTU's per square foot of sunlit area for your latitude.

  2. Well, durn...though at least this one wouldn't block the light. The octagon house my brother's built up the ill from me only has electric floor heaters and it would be nice to find a passive way to increase the warmth in there for the winter. They were both sick all last winter and I think part of it was they never got really warm at home and were too stubborn to stay at my house. (Not that stubborn runs in the family or anything!) We did finally get their attic insulated a few weeks ago, so that will help a lot. Sure is helping on the cooling. Found several window AC units under Peter's house when we were cleaning it out that he had used before going to central AC and they are wonderful for them to have, but heating is a problem.

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