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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sous Vide cookers

I've been wanting a Sous Vide machine for some time, but, oh, the prices! Plus I hate to give up any more counter space and wasn't sure how convenient it would be to store one in the pantry. (I've never actually gone and lifted one because I was afraid the temptation would overcome me and I would find myself sandbagged and on the way home with one in the car wondering what happened.  Kitchen gadgets have that power, you know!)

Then I saw this review and while still pricy these are about half to a third the cost of a full machine, take up lots less space and seem to work as well. Most of us who buy in bulk and store food already have vacuum sealers, but they are not a requirement.  You can use heavy duty zipper bags, but need to be careful to get all the air out.

The testing was done on the Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku versions of compact sous vide immersion circulators. And as always the best machine for you will depend on your preferences.  They are also all available on Amazon at the same prices as offered on their websites for any hardcore Amazon shoppers or those who can support their blogs by going that route.

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