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Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh, my, what timing...

Patrice Lewis @ Rural Revolution reviewed the book Worthless yesterday and perfectly rebuts Literally Darling, the person who wrote the BlogHer post about the need for free post-secondary education.  Oh, had I only had both posts available when I wrote about Literally Darling's post.

I can't do it justice, but here is a small taste of Patrice's post.  Go here to RTWT.

People have their whole lives ahead of them to study the subjects they find fascinating. Older Daughter, for example, is interested in Celtic mythology and folklore (fairies, elves, etc.) and has many books on the subject. She's quite an expert in Celtic literature. But what if we were to encourage her to "follow her dream" and get a Master's Degree in Celtic Literature, accrue $80,000 in debt, and face serious underemployment after graduation because no one is hiring Celtic Literature experts? What kind of parents would we be to encourage that?

The idea is that if you have a burning passion – say, literature or women’s rights or the environment – then learn about and become active in those areas in your spare time. Don’t waste four or more years of your life and go into tens of thousands of dollars in debt achieving a degree in your passion without first confirming whether or not there are even jobs in that field. Young people should be acquiring whatever skills will make them marketable, as determined by real-life markets (not smooth-sounding fantastical claims by educators with a product to sell).

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