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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What I saw while hanging 10 in the ether

An entire website dedicated to awesome school bulletin boards.

A sick elderly dog finds a family and has a last year of peace while helping them find some as well.

Don't stop being helpful, perhaps it will someday make an idiot like this choke on their own choler.  Though even on that site the commenters are mainly more realistic.

And since this seems to be the edition for it; could she possibly be more angsty?  Or he more petulant? Must assimilate every day?  No, just take a few days off from being part of the society in which you live. Got news for you, dude, we all assimilate every day.  We dress up and put on makeup and go to work.  Because we need to make a living, not because we love ties and heels.  Well, okay, maybe we do love heels.

Rule Number 6 

At My Foray Into Food Storage she's finally cleaned her closet.

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