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Friday, September 5, 2014

Blogging Challenge Day 5 - Top 5 Highlights from summer

This summer has been busy both at work and home.  We have been short-handed at work and I have been covering an extra shift or two each week.

Nonetheless, we still got the garden in and had some produce from it.  Two weeks ago I cleaned out some beds and started the fall garden.  LBB took the time to make some covers for the beds to keep that darned cat and all her friends out of them and I plan to cover them with plastic to extend the growing season when needed.

Look! Things are growing!

Nephews 1 and 4 have been fishing regularly and have finally managed to start doing some catching, so the freezer is stocked for another fish fry or 7.

Been a little short on time to get out to the range but I have managed a couple of trips and, boy, do I need to make it more often!  At least I didn't hit any one else's target. (I did always hit my own, but not necessarily where I wanted.)  Nephew 1 made a trip to OK to visit friends and did some shooting while there.  He's fallen in love with an AR-15 and is busy looking for one of his own.

Niece 4 bought a home near us and is busy decorating it and is finally settling in, I think, which is nice as she was having a rough time since moving from California.

So, no real excitement this summer, but a lot of living and quietly joyful experiences.

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