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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Foodie

Today's Friday Foodie is a little different.  Since I completed the Whole 30 and so appreciated the results I decided to post some links to Whole 30 and Paleo (which is similar but not exactly Whole 30, though Whole 30 is Paleo) resources.  When I first became interested in this way of life I had to spend weeks organizing and finding resources to simplify living Whole 30 so that I wouldn't just give up because it was hard! So here are some of the blogs I've used a recipes resources and some of the products that have made it easier to stick with the program.

Stolen from this blog post written by Whole30 creator Melissa Hartwig

First, of course, is the Whole30 site.  It has the rules, recipes, a blog and a forum, all of which came in handy.

Nom Nom Paleo is a terrific resource for recipes, and has a section devoted specifically to Whole30. has multiple choices for organic, grassfed ghee, coconut oil, carries gelatin and collagen hydrosyalate from grassfed animals (that I use to make homemade organic gummi cough drops,etc)
and kombucha making info and supplies (not a requirement, but it is ok on Whole30 and healthy).

My local Kroger has a section of grassfed, antibiotic free meats, so it's not completely necessary to rely on Whole Paycheck or Fresh Market or their like.  Though I found a local farm that has the same and have invested in a beef quarter (first time and I'm sure the processor thought I was a moron when they asked what I wanted from it, but the form was a little confusing), I ordered chicken breasts in bulk from Zaycon (button on left) and now have plenty for some time at a reasonable cost.

I joined a CSA for the fall that I found listed on  and get organic fall veg delivered every week to supplement what we grow. My niece in Cleveland has joined one, too, and as she doesn't grow a vegetable garden she really appreciates the freshness and variety of her deliveries,

For a listing of local Farmer's Merkets try this site.

If you have children The Paleo Mom helps with transition them into eating real food.

Other great resources are The Clothes Make the Girl, Mark's Daily Apple, Underground Wellness, and Neely Quinn.

Ok, I know, enough already!  I promise I'm not changing over into a patchouli reeking hippy (though I did just get a request for some patchouli orange lotion from one of my colleagues, so maybe I will reek a little) and I'm not going to be writing about this subject only.  Right now I am still astonished at how much better I'm feeling, but I'm sure that once this becomes my new norm I will be a little less obviously enthusiastic.  And a little quieter about the real food lifestyle. 

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