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Friday, December 12, 2014

Updated free and inexpensive ebooks list sites

It's been a while since I checked out all of the free ebook listing sites so I decided to ga back through and make sure all of my links worked.

First though, here are two sites that will send a daily email listing free and inexpensive ebooks once you've signed up;

There are some duplicates, but not all are listed on both sites so if you want to be notified about free ebooks do sign up for both.

For those who don't want a daily email, here are some sites to check out when you're looking for something to read;






and, of course, for the classics always check the Gutenberg Project first.
Paperback Swap is still in business as well for anyone who is interested in actual books.  It's a site where  you can list any books you are willing to give up (yes, I know it's hard) and once someone requests one of your books you just mail it off to them and then have a credit that you can use to order a book from any member.  Currently there are over 4.5 million books listed there.  You can swap hardbacks, paperbacks, and audiobooks on the site and there are links to their sites for swapping CDs and DVDs in the same manner.   Plus, their forum section is often a good way to find new authors that you may enjoy.
Anyone have other sites they use to locate the freebies?

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