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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy Out Lately

Kitchen progress has slowed considerably, the floor is now level, but LBB is whining that I'm working him to death. Welcome to retirement, dude. The cabinets have been delivered, so all except one of the major components are here. I put one together just because I couldn't wait and now it's sitting right in the way. I'm off work for the next four days so we should get a lot done, including, I hope, getting at least that cabinet up on the wall. Of course, my colleagues are desperately hoping we finish soon since I've taken Thurs. and Fri. off both this week and next and they're going to be stuck covering for me.

Spike will be glad to have this done, too. As Alpha Dog (I'm sure that's evident in his picture) he's not doing well with all the uproar. As if asking him to put up with two squabbling cats who need constant supervision isn't enough.

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