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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you still crazy, Leon?

Had a patient admitted a couple of weeks ago for mental status changes. In his case that means he was completely loopy. He's one of my regulars and he and his wife are both in their 70's and just delightful. Funny, always laughing and giving me a hard time.

We figured out what was causing the symptoms right away and got him fixed up after a couple of days. Because he had been so confused he hadn't been teasing me that way he usually does, but once he started clearing up he got back to his normal pesterpot self.

On the day he was due to be discharged I went in to examine him and asked all of the usual questions asked when checking orientation. What is your name, the date, the president, etc. He answered appropriately and I was happy with him and on the way out of the room when he said something just a little off.

As I was turning back his wife reached over and smacked him on the arm and said, "I tole you to knock that crap off. She trying to decide if you still too crazy to go home and I'se tired of being here. This no time to be acking a fool."

Me: "Leon, are you just acting a fool or are you still crazy?"

Leon, with a look that was a perfect combination of indignant and hurt: "Now how I'm s'posed to answer that? Crazy people cain't tell they's crazy and if I tell you I'se not crazy you be thinking I'se crazy anyway for wantin' to go home with a woman treats me like that!"

He was discharged.

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