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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parenting Criminals

Saw this at Uncle's place earlier in the week, then caught up with some email and found this
at Randy Cassingham's and began to wonder when parenting went out of favor? And what's with the comments? Both stories elicit comments that absolutely confound me. How can anyone excuse or defend this behavior, whatever the cause?

As to the cop's handling of the issue with the 8 year old, here is MC's take on using the pepper spray.

Had I or one of my siblings ever even considered behaving in such a manner our father would have explained in no uncertain terms that such behavior is unacceptable in polite society. Persistence would only have availed us of a firmer lesson. The fact is that he raised 5 kids and never failed to get the message across, so how can it be so hard for parents nowadays to manage to explain proper behavior to their children?

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