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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spike is in the Hospital

He hasn't been himself, but we've been so busy with the kitchen that I wasn't paying him enough attention. Last night it was obvious that he was ill, so off we went to the vet today.

He is dehydrated and anemic, so is staying overnight for IV fluid and tomorrow will have a blood transfusion.

The rest of his labs are off as well, white count, granulocytes and platelets are through the roof. If I were looking at these labs in a human, I'd diagnose it as leukemia. The vet tends to agree with me, but is sending the slides off to the state lab for final diagnosis. I should hear something tomorrow.


  1. Good thoughts and prayers for the little fella -

  2. Same here--prayers sent. By a curious coincidence, my cat's name is Spike, also.

  3. Thoughts, prayers- the who;e thing.
    How old?

  4. Oh no! Hope they can figure this out...

  5. Thanks to all of you for the good wishes, thoughts and prayers. Spike is nine, he'll be ten on Christmas Day and he was one of the best Christmas presents ever.

  6. Fingers crossed here.